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Take Back Halloween: After taking mine back, I ended up here.
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About TBH

TBH is a site on the web in appreciation of Halloween; a place my brains can spill, figuratively speaking, and enjoy Halloween 365. There has never been an abundance of content on TBH, however I enjoy the pretty colours (the "u" in "colours" isn't a typo...I am Canadian). Some content on this site - links to Halloween music, online videos, and the like - turned out to be better organized and accessible via Whitchillia's Pinterest boards, where such awesome content can now be found.

The TBH pages will never be trendy or follow fads, unless its own style becomes in fashion, akin to the way those shoes in the closet will keep being in fashion every eleven years or so.

Should you be looking for more information about TBH or The Writer, oddly enough, check out the privacy policy link at the bottom of this page; otherwise the links at the top of this page "In Between" and "The Other Side" are where most of the fun resides...or will reside, after I'm done creating stuff.

- The Writer
Once again awake till 4 am.

T.B.H. Take Back Halloween

Authored on May 25th, 2015
Last Updated May 25th, 2015

   Take Back Halloween: Bat and Moon

An orange pumpkin surrounded with green ivy vines.