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Grinches and Gritches
Dreaded Halloween Curfew

The Dreaded Halloween Curfew

With their dangerous pranks and destruction, Gritches cackle in the faces of the innocent as their actions have brought about their curse of the Dreaded Halloween Curfew.

Gritches have imbedded into the hearts of some humans a dread of the vandalism and cruel pranks they promote on the day of Halloween. Whispering their nightmares into dreams, their fear has designed mortifying plans such as the Dreaded Halloween Curfew requiring children or also adults to be off the street by 6 or 9pm - or face police intervention. Those who have taken back their Halloween have denied this form of terrorism from the Gritches.

Although "curfews" are an invention of humans, it is the Gritches who have concocted the Dreaded Halloween Curfew in an attempt to bring about the Death of Halloween by dissuading trick-or-treaters. This attempt first began with their scheme to change the day of Halloween, October 31st, to a so-called more appropriate date of their choosing. This created confusion and chaos as trick-or-treaters became uncertain as to when guising should occur.

Humans became quite wise to these tricks, and actually celebrated Halloween by trick-or-treating several times - once on the newly set date, a second time in a neighboring village that held a different date, and so on. Some have been able to get three or more Halloween celebrations utilizing this method, thus extending the holiday over several days.

Uncursed villages can become overwhelmed by incoming travelers from surrounding cursed villages, either from trick-or-treaters or families actually moving to the village in an attempt to flee the Dreaded Halloween Curfew. The villagers solution - as designed and whispered by the Gritches - are to add their own Dreaded Halloween Curfew to stop the migration. Thus is the dastardly method the Gritches have chosen to travel from village to village with this vile curse.

However, there are a few very traditional cures for this curse. Over time, they are ones that the Gritches have erased from memory. It begins with an adult or a few traveling door to door with young trick-or-treaters and trick-or-treaters-in-training. Trick-or-treaters can even visit the homes of only those people they know, while displaying their wonderful costumes and picking up treats or snacks. This is no different from visiting your Grandparents one evening - only you don't stay as long. Another old method is to celebrate Halloween your own way, with parties, haunted houses, decorating, pumpkin patches, and good Halloween movies enjoyed with caramel popcorn.

Even police officers on duty may too still spend the evening celebrating - as they do every year - by driving around. Instead of seeking out innocent children to toss into police vehicles, they keep an eye out for vandalism, especially around older historic buildings and cemeteries which have been traditionally vulnerable to attack from Gritches. Who can deny a Halloween night waiting by a grave yard? Only those who are cruelly destructive would end up in police vehicles.

And that is how you fight the Gritches and their Dreaded Halloween Curfew - with common sense, the most powerful tool in taking back Halloween.

What will the Gritches design next? What little freedom will they corrupt or deny tomorrow? This is anyone's guess, though one thing is for certain. It is important to keep a watchful eye and ensure the wonders of your Halloween are preserved for your future generations to enjoy.

T.B.H. Take Back Halloween

Authored on October 12th, 2006
Last Updated May 24th, 2015

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