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Halloween Picks

Otherwise known as "What I spent money on this year."

2011 Halloween Pick

Arrived October to follow product testing.

2010 Halloween Pick

"Monster Mash - Party Songs & Spooky Sounds For Kids" isn't just for kids. The reworked popular songs are very close to their original versions (especially so with the Monster Mash). With all the songs reworked by the same band, there isn't a stark contrast when the songs transition. The four sets of atmospheric sound effects included at the end contain unobtrusive screams, quiet footsteps, bells, clock chimes, and strange noises mixed into a haunting and eerie atmosphere. Having picked up this little Halloween tidbit on this October 5, it is a little gem at a decent price for twelve songs and four environment tracks. The songs are: (popular songs, reworked and not the original versions): Spiderman Theme; Ghostbusters; Monster Mash; Thriller; Witch Doctor; I Want Candy; Scooby Doo Where Are You?; Batman Theme; Purple People Eater; Addams Family Theme; Werewolves Of London; I'm Your Boogie Man. The four sound-effect enhanced, environmental atmospheres are: Scary Night in the Woods; Mystery of the Haunted House; The Laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein; Midnight in the Cemetery.

Purchase Price: $9.99
Location Bought: Shoppers Drug Mart
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by: Jon Herchert
Company: Compass Productions
Year: 2008
This Site Rating: 5 Stars  5 star rating.    

T.B.H. Take Back Halloween

Authored on July 13th, 2010
Last Updated October 20th, 2011

Take Back Halloween: Bat and Moon

An orange pumpkin surrounded with green ivy vines.