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Privacy Policy

Why was this privacy policy created for Take Back Halloween (TBH)?

To let anyone know how and why this site collects and uses Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Comunication with TBH?

Sending an e-mail to TBH results in that e-mail being read. The e-mail might be replied to, deleted, or archived (or in some cases never be seen if caught in the works somewhere for looking like spam). Any e-mails sent to TBH or e-mail addresses collected will not be sold to third parties. TBH also doesn't send spam, so if someone says, "Hi!" such action will not be followed by three years of weekly sales pitches.

Does TBH use web bugs or other site tracking?

TBH does not use web bugs in e-mails; TBH does not use site tracking or invisible site traffic tracking through third party services. TBH does have server traffic logs which show general site traffic. Site logs may collect non-personally identifiable information about visitors such as web browsers used, operating systems, IP addresses, Internet Service Providers (ISP), site use, what pages are visited, and geographic locations. Such information collected may also show the location of broken links and missing pages on TBH, and help with managing site quality.

What about links to sites outside of TBH?

If you follow a link off this site, TBH is not responsible for what is on the other site. TBH tries to link to safe sites (such as sites without blood or gore) although any site could be turned to the dark side without warning; TBH is not responsible for the content, collection of information, or privacy policies on sites which are not part of TBH.

Who owns TBH, does TBH sell anything, and do they have access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

TBH is a site created by an artist and writer (Tara Crowley aka The Writer) and Halloween related works created by The Writer are made available for sale (via third parties such as Zazzle and Spoonflower); TBH doesn't spam these works, both on the site or in e-mail communication. However, it will always be easy to find these works on TBH and within the e-mail signatures of TBH. These thrid party services collect their own information, some of which is provided to their users. Each service varies:

  • Halloween: Art by Tara Crowley (TBH on Zazzle): When a purchase is made at Zazzle, the first name and city/state/country of residence of the Zazzle customer is provided. (See Zazzle Privacy Policy: "Does Zazzle disclose the information it collects to outside parties?")
  • Quiltsmith (The Writer's Halloween works on Spoonflower fabric): When a purchase is made at Spoonflower, the username of the buyer is provided; whatever information the buyer has provided on their own Spoonflower profile page is publicly visible. (See Spoonflower Privacy Policy)

Both services show what was purchased and how many. TBH does not share or post the details of individual purchases.

Who is The Writer?

To learn more about Tara Crowley aka The Writer, see her writer/artist bio.

- Tara Crowley aka The Writer

Any questions may be sent to:

T.B.H. Take Back Halloween

Privacy Policy effective as of November 14th, 2012

Authored on November 14th, 2012
Last Updated May 24th, 2015
Last Reviewed by Human Eyeballs on May 24th, 2015

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