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Tangible Halloween

The trinkets, cards, decorations, and gifts shared with others.

A tangible Halloween of imagination brought to life. Stickers, trinkets, and other little gifts for treat bags and parties can be found about everywhere each Halloween season. Even though some are a bit cheap, even the dinkiest of trinkets can find a purpose. Then there are the times something special is needed, either for a few extra dollars or quite rich indeed - that diamond studded spider brooch is quite special, although perhaps glass gems are enough for the costume. The options are out there.

"Like a carousel, we dance round and round. Like a carousel, we sing our songs to our music. Under the moon in the dread of night we rattle our bones, to the fun, the frolic, and the fantastic."
Carousel Horse Triad of Bones, Fabrics
© 2010 The Writer
"Carousel Horse Triad of Bones"

TBH is no exception. Imagination has spilled into reality over the years. The more designs people like, the more TBH sells, the more designs will be created by The Writer (who is also the artist). A special thank you goes to all those who have purchased a card, fabric, or other trinket - it's because of you new designs and collections will be added for next year (as well as this years site design update). Thank you.

Stickers, cards, stationary, mugs, etc.Zazzle
The Halloween Spirit

Fabric for treat bags, costumes, etc.Spoonflower
Whimsical Halloween Fabrics

Recipies, craft ideas, decorations, etc.Pinterest
Okay, TBH doesn't profit from Pinterest, however there are plenty of wonderful, tangible Halloween ideas to see on the boards, I had to share.

T.B.H. Take Back Halloween

Authored on July 10th, 2010
Last Updated October 22nd, 2011

Take Back Halloween: Bat and Moon

An orange pumpkin surrounded with green ivy vines.